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Network infrastructure

Network Cable Installation

Network cable installation is an essential part of most modern IP security systems, enabling devices to connect to a data network. In a network system, you can have multiple security devices communicate with one another, and can easily access video feeds, access logs, and more. Due to the WISP available, businesses with network security systems should take care to hire the right professionals for their cabling needs. Safe and Sound Security experts are experienced in providing security network installation services. We know how to give you the most cost-effective and convenient setup for your business, while delivering reliable security around the clock.

Network Cable Installation

Network cabling installation can call for Cat6 and Cat5E ethernet cables, coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables, and more. The type of cable you use depends on several factors, including your required data transmission speed, and the distance between network-connected devices.

Cat5 and Cat6 cables are common choices, providing high-speed transmission. With a Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) network switch, these cables can provide power as well as network connection to security devices, eliminating the need for more wiring. They are usually run through walls to connect to a server or network video recorder (NVR).

Fiber optic cable installation provides even faster connection across longer distances. Since fiber cables are made of glass rather than copper, they communicate using light instead of electrical currents, giving them their extra speed.

Voice and data cables are used to connect devices to telephones and server rooms. In office buildings, they are usually run through the walls and ceilings to connect devices in every room and cubicle.

Network Cabling Installers

Our technicians understand that, in order to achieve the best high-speed network, many factors must be taken into account. We carefully consider the setup of your system, any devices that are connected to the network, and how to achieve the most cost-effective and practical installation for each business’s needs. Safe and Sound experts examine your space to plan the ideal cabling installation for your security system. We also help you configure any devices or servers connected to your network, ensuring your system runs smoothly and gives your business powerful protection. Our top-notch network cabling services ensure your network processes data as quickly and reliably as possible.